September 16, 2020

EBA elects Coen Meijers as executive board member

After last week’s election to the company advisory board, DMT’s Manager Business Development Coen Meijers was also elected member of the executive board of the European Biogas Association (EBA). The EBA represents 7.000 stakeholders in the biogas industry, promotes a circular economy at the European level and believes biomethane and other renewable gases are an important cornerstone of a carbon neutral economy. This is perfectly aligned with Coen’s and DMT’s mission to build the green energy infrastructure.

The role of the members of the Executive Board is essential to guarantee the increasing awareness of renewable gases’ positive role in Europe and the active involvement of the association in achieving positive legislative and research developments for the sector. In particular as a member of the company advisory board it will be my role to ensure that the voice of the member companies is represented also in the executive board.