November 1, 2019

Program Kennis en Innovatie of SNN shows new insights on adsorption technology for biogas upgrading

DMT Environmental Technology and the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen started a close collaboration in 2018 where PhD-candidate Dina Boer was about to investigate and create new innovative adsorbents that are highly selective for CO2 and are suitable for biogas upgrading processes such as Pressure Swing Adsorption or Temperature Swing Adsorptoin.

The program was funded by a special program called “Kennis en Innovatie” from Samenwerkingsverband Noord Nederland (SNN). SNN is specifically active in the northern provinces of the Netherlands; Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe. They stimulate, facilitate collaboration and connect business, research and governmental institutions. The KEI program in 2018 was a subsidiary program in which medium size enterprises could start an intensive collaboration with a research institute by financing a PhD position at a research institute in which a common research goal could be achieved.

The research was under supervision of Prof. Dr.  Paolo Pescarmona. His group is specialized in the design and development of catalyst, particularly high surface area porous materials.

The main activities of the research were to design, synthesize, validate and characterize the properties of highly porous materials that have high adsorption capacity for CO2.

Various Zeolites, both commercially available as modified zeolites, have been investigated. It shows that the physicochemical properties such as framework type, Si/Al ratio and extra-framework cations have great effect on the actual performance of the zeolite as CO2 adsorbent.

The results of Dina’s work have been summarized in the final Thesis, which will be defended December 2022 at the Rijksuniversity of Groningen.

Copy of her thesis can be ordered by sending an email to

The work of Dina already resulted in one experimental publication in the journal Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, vol 344, October 2022.

Binderless zeolite LTA beads with hierarchical porosity for selective CO2 adsorption in biogas upgrading – ScienceDirect