June 23, 2021

Safety first

NEN 8771 ‘Design, management and maintenance of biogas installations’ was published in April. After two comment rounds, the standard has been greatly improved compared to the first draft version from 2018. Safety of installation and personnel plays an important role in this. There are quite a few differences in safety requirements per installation and per country, often depending on a specific licensing authority. NEN 8771 now ensures this desired uniformity.

“The combination of indoor and outdoor installation of our biogas upgrading systems, together with flammable, explosive and sometimes poisonous gases, means that various aspects of safety are involved. This is already taken into account during the basic design. Consider, for example, the ATEX zoning and the relationship of this zoning in relation to the existing buildings or other (industrial) installations”, explains Peter Wiltjer, Subject Matter Expert at DMT.

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