December 10, 2018

Start of collaboration DMT Environmental Technology and RUG

DMT And the Rijksuniversity Groningen are going to collaborate on biogas upgrading.

DMT Environmental Technology and the Rijksuniversity in Groningen (RUG) have agreed to work together on biogas upgrading for the next four years. The contract was signed 26/11/2018. Prof. Dr. Paolo Pescarmona signed the contract on behalf of the University and Erwin Dikse, CEO of DMT International, signed the contract on behalf of DMT Environmental Technology.

DMT has been looking for a strategic partner, who could contribute to her research with exceptional knowledge and facilities that could contribute to the structural research to innovations in biogas. DMT Found this partner in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the RUG.

The next four years, DMT will dedicate a PhD to the research, that will be led by Prof. dr. Pescarmona, in the field of absorbents that are suitable for separating methane from other gases as Nitrogen, CO2 and other pollutant gases. The program is partly financed by KEI, part of SNN, other expenses will be covered by DMT. The KEI program offers SME’s the opportunity to second high qualified personnel to a scientific institution for companies in the Northern part of the Netherlands.

RUG has the experience and the facilities to carry out the research and contributes by supervising the project. It is expected that this commitment will lead to fruitful cooperation and that in the future the links between DMT and the RUG will become stronger in other interesting research areas in sustainable technology.