June 26, 2020

Total Solutions Provider

Unburdening of the biogas upgrading process

Author: Stephen McCulloch

Keywords: Biogas Upgrading, Renewable Energy, Biomass Energy, Biomethane, RNG, Carbon footprint, GHG reduction

Industries: agriculture, WTTP, Dairy, (food & Beverage) Industry, Waste, Oil & Gas

Summary: Biogas upgrading projects are typically projects that involve multiple parties, partners and suppliers and an equal number of contracts. At DMT we thought we could do that differently. What is we can unburden the customer, make the process more efficient and save the customer time and money? Total Solutions Provider was born. The DMT Total Solutions Provider concept combines the know-how and experience with the right partners to execute the project without increasing margin on top of margins. From start to finish, DMT takes care of all interconnecting interfaces. In this way the customers only have to deal with one project manager, one contract and benefits directly from this unburdening concept. We believe it is the way forward in lowering greenhouse gas emissions and creating a sustainable future.

A changing environment

Over the last 30 years DMT Environment has witness the growth of the Biogas industry into a sustainable sector for green energy demands around the World. As the industry has grown so has DMT with new initiative technologies to keep ahead of the changing landscape we see today.

DMT Environmental Technology was the first biogas upgrading company to use high selective membranes, a technology that has proven itself to be the most efficient and highest performance quality solutions to (almost) all biogas upgrading project and one of the first companies to set up a new business in the USA. 5 years ago, DMT saw the opportunity to expand their business to the emerging market in the United States. After the start up, the first project was successfully commissioned in 2017 and the company has been growing ever since. Our goal must always be at the forefront of the industry with innovation and customer satisfaction key to expanding our partnerships around the World.

When entering an emerging market, our strategy has always been to build relations. Strong relations with developers, key decision makers and investors, but also with suppliers, technology providers and parties that represent our brand.  As we did back 5 years ago, setting up a dedicated US office for the future biogas market in the States, we are bringing fresh ideas to the biogas industry and develop a solid and reliable network. DMT today is one of the only biogas upgrading business purely dedicated to this sector with our team of experts some, 90+ people worldwide.

DMT could see the biogas market changing across Europe and the United States and believed there was an opportunity to offer more. A tailored solution for the development of a biogas upgrading plant, not just supply equipment but also offer valuable experience and know-how to new projects and our existing customer base. These projects typically involve multiple parties and several contracts, this approach is to unburden the customer and improve the process by making it more efficient.

Biogas upgrading

Even through the industry has made some great strides forward, the basics of building a biogas plants remain the same. Location, planning permission, feedstocks, offtake integration and numerous contracts all to be negotiated. We see a typical project taking some 1-2 years from start to finish. The simple fact of the matter is, that it is hard work. It requires a lot of effort to build a biogas plant and one of the most valuable aspects of project management is time. When starting a first biogas upgrading project, the process can be very unclear. It is increasingly hard to estimate just how many hours are lost working through all the different elements of the build and just how time consuming choosing the right suppliers can be.

DMT wanted to bring something new to the market and help projects reduce their risk profile and take some of the uncertainty away. Speed up the progress for the customer so that the timeline of the project becomes better to oversee and bring together several elements all as one complete package. Weunburden the customer, understand the industry and have the knowledge required to inject biomethane into the gas grid. But more importantly bring together one contract template which guarantees the delivery but does not come at a higher price.

Total Solutions Provider is born

By brining several elements together, the project becomes transparent for the customer. The art of this was to rely on our know-how and experience and working with the right partners to be able to offer a package without increasing margin on top of margins. Starting from the outlet of the AD system and finish with the gas injected in the grid. All the interfaces in between would be taken care of under one contract by DMT.

A clean and clear delivery plan including all the associated equipment would be purchased, installed, and commissioned as part of the overall project plan. Our team would manage the critical certification and documentation of the Gas Network and make sure the demanding paperwork trail was completed ready for the Gas to grid day. A Total Solutions Provider is born.

We launched our Total Solutions Provider concept in 2018 with our, first project in the UK achieving its gas to grid day on time. The response we have received from our customer has been a great achievement for the DMT business as they want to repeat this again on their next project.

Unburdening of the biogas upgrading process

From the moment the contract for the project was signed, the customer is unburdened and starts to see the benefits of allowing DMT to take control. This unburdening leaves the customer time to concentrate on other aspects of the project.  Time saved in any construction of a biogas project is a valuable asset. Leaving the experts to carry out the necessary works also provided a cost saving for the EPC contractor, developer, and of course the funder whose investment is vital to all projects.

If DMT can reduce the risk and increase profits to any biogas project we have achieved what we set out to do, and our customer will see the benefits. We have a sustainable future in renewable green gas and one we must keep developing if we want to achieve a decarbonized gas grid.

DMT is currently building two TSP projects in the UK one for Gas to grid injection and the other for CNG virtual pipeline. If you would like to know more about our TSP offers, please do not hesitate to contact Stephen McCulloch

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