January 31, 2022

DMT Announces Its Service Partnership with Heat and Power Services

Bringing 24/7 Service Support to UK Biogas Plants

DMT Environmental Technology (DMT), a global renewable gas leader, announces its long-term strategic partnership with Heat and Power Services Ltd (HPS). HPS is UK’s market-leading provider of maintenance services within the natural gas and biogas sector. The definitive agreements between DMT and HPS will accelerate growth for both companies in the biogas industry. Additionally, this new partnership leverages the strengths of both firms to create a compelling value for UK biogas upgrading plants.

“DMT continues to identify innovative approaches that keep us at the forefront of consumer trends in the biogas industry. This long-term partnership with HPS aligns us with UK’s leading service provider. The agreement also supports broader commercial strategies with our customers to bring a total solutions package.”

Stephen McCulloch, Business Director of DMT

About the UK Biogas Service Collaboration

Currently, HPS services several DMT biogas upgrading plants across the UK and offers a complete solution to building LNG and CNG stations. With this new agreement in effect, the DMT and HPS collaboration will begin with the biogas upgrading project, BrewDog. Additionally, at least five existing DMT systems will move to the new service partnership.

 “HPS has successfully diversified into new technologies such as biogas upgrading and conditioning. We have experienced first-hand DMT’s proven success in the biogas industry and are excited to evolve this long-term partnership. We become the service provider for DMT’s vast UK biogas upgrading network and in turn, their clients receive reputable, high-quality maintenance solutions.”

Stuart Bennet, Managing Director of Heat and Power Services Ltd.

Moreover, the partnership strategically aligns both DMT and HPS for the long-term by combining the strength of DMT’s technology portfolio with HPS’ unparalleled service quality. Furthermore, the mission of both companies to be a global leader in the biogas industry are aligned with this partnership. Both firms expect this collaboration to significantly accelerate growth and operations with the European network.