November 28, 2019

Unlocking the full potential of biogas

Led by the WBW and its members, DMT Environmental Technology called on Governments globally to unlock the full potential of biogas in addressing the climate emergency.

Global biogas industry leaders, led by the World Biogas Association (WBA), call on governments globally to act to unlock the sector’s potential. The use of biogas can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by at least 12% within the next 10 years.

It is estimated that the number of industrial plants operating globally is currently 132,000.  By 2030 there needs to be at least 1 million large scale installations (each handling over 100,000 t/pa of feedstock) plus millions of smaller scale digesters, to achieve the emissions reductions targets. All of these units would enable the biogas industry to prevent 4bn tonnes of CO2 equivalent from being emitted annually – the equivalent of all the emissions of the EU28 in 2017.  The sector will need to invest some $5 trillion to design, build and operate those plants, but all barriers to those investments existing today must be eliminated if the industry is to achieve its goal. If deployed to its full potential, WBA estimates that the industry would employ around 10 million people worldwide, from 350,000 currently.

Harmen Dekker, Business Development Manager at DMT Environmental Technology: “This call to action is a strong message that with some relative easy strides all countries can make an enormous positive contribution to the energy transition and the lowering of the greenhouse gasses. This will greatly benefit employment and economies around the world.”

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