Hydrogen production

  • Available at 20/01/2020
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  • DMT-ET, Joure, NL
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About DMT

DMT Environmental Technology is a highly innovative engineering company operating on the cutting edge of green technology. We are continuously developing and bringing technologies for biogas upgrading, biogas desulphurization and wastewater treatment to the market. DMT consists of a young dynamic team of approximately 55 employees and is located in Joure (Northern part of the Netherlands). As the biogas upgrading market is growing fast, we are exploring new product technology systems that can be used in several applications.

Project description

In the framework of a society moving towards a total decarbonization of the Energy infrastructure, a number of challenges need to be addressed. In this context, the hydrogen economy will play a crucial role to guarantee a smooth transition. Although hydrogen can be produced from water (free carbon emission), economic reasons dictate that the production hydrogen is still mainly carried out from non-renewable resources at an industrial scale. This pushes the development of technologies that are able to produce H2, while reducing the emission of GHG. However, the use of biogas as feedstock could guarantee the early transition towards a total green hydrogen economy. The use of biogas/biomethane as a feedstock will require the design of new technologies to be applied in industrial applications (inc. End-market use, production, purification & storage technologies). All those activities will require therefore to formulate and research the technological hurdles on what is the best route to produce Hydrogen.

What do we offer?

DMT is offering an internship position for a student on the topic of hydrogen production. The student will give a techno-economical assessment of hydrogen production and explore their potential applications. The student will evaluate which route will fit best to the strategy of DMT and which steps DMT should take in order to achieve a good position on the Hydrogen market.

For this internship you will work at the Product Development department; though in order to reach your goals, you will also have to collaborate with the other departments within the company like sales, marketing and engineering.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a motivated BSc./MSc. student who wants to contribute to developing new environmental technologies. The student needs to have a background in chemical engineering, energy engineering, process technology or related fields. If you are a person who likes to be working side by side in a multi-dynamic environment, do not hesitate to apply. DMT is waiting for you!

How to apply?

To apply for this internship project, send an email with your CV and motivation letter to agonzalezfraile@dmt-et.nl and/or lromero@dmt-et.nl (+31 513 760 705). Also, include the period you are available and the requested duration of the internship.

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