INTERNSHIP – Carbon Capture and Storage

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At DMT Environmental Technology we have a challenge; creating the clear and prosperous future. We offer solutions for biogas upgrading and resource recovery and these technologies contribute to a sustainable world. Development, innovation and people, planet, profit are our core values and are imbedded our companies’ culture. Known for our technical leadership and quality, we are ready to change the future of energy!

INTERNSHIP – Carbon Capture and Storage

In the framework of emission mitigation and decarbonization, carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies seem to be a very promising solution to climate change. CCS encompasses a versatile suite of technologies that can be applied to almost any source of CO2. This versatility underpins its enormous carbon management potential. Therefore, with the globally increasing interest for CO2 reduction, this research subject will give the opportunity to have a brighter insight on CCS technologies that could be applied for decarbonization from three different streams: biogas, post-combustion flue gases and natural gas.

What is the objective?

The objective of this project is to draft an overview of current practices and developments in CO2 capture, benchmark DMT’s practice for decentralised biogas upgrading and determine the carbon capture price levels.

The project will start with an overview of technologies and market trends, creating an extensive brain map with the potential CCS routes from each stream. The next step is to define technology requirements and select those concepts that match best with DMT’s long term strategic goals and capabilities. An assessment of the feasibility and economical potential of the routes will help to identify the most promising product/market combination.

In this internship, the student will define the possible techniques and technologies that could be applied in CO2 capture as well as the possible end uses. This will be coupled with the determination of the technical barriers as well as the factors allowing the applicability. The student will also identify the key players and technologies in the market. Within this scope, the decarbonization cost is to be determined.

What is in the scope?

This internship will be focusing on CO2 capture from 3 different streams: biogas, post-combustion flue gas and natural gas. The boundaries of the system will be from the CO2 waste stream up to keeping the CO2 stored. Applications or end use of the CO2 stored are out of scope in this approach.

What is the expected outcome?

  • The expected results from this internship will provide an extensive understanding of CCS technologies trends and feasibility. The following aspects must be achieved:
  • Identify the emitting industries and their current practices
  • Possible routes and key technologies for CO2 capture and storage for the different emitting sources
  • Feasibility and limitations of each technology (applied sizes and ranges)
  • Identify the key players in the market
  • Determine the price levels of carbon capture in each case
  • Benchmark with DMT’s current practices

What the student has to deliver?

The following documents should be delivered according to the activities stated in the planning:

  • Proposal of plan – excel/word document
  • Periodically progress report/ presentation/meetings update – word document
  • Articles summary – word document
  • Final report – word or PDF document
  • Final presentation – power point

What are we looking for?

The ideal intern has a background in (bio)chemical engineering / environmental sciences or related.  The student has to be both a team player as being capable to work individually. The student needs to have creative skills combined with an entrepreneurial mindset, as we work in Start-up teams with the goal to commercialize the developed technology.

What do we offer?

DMT offers an opportunity to students to work along with an international team, with colleagues from different backgrounds, to cover all the probable perspectives of the project. For international students, this is a great opportunity to get a Dutch experience in the Northern side of the Netherlands

Additionally, DMT offers financial support, corporate computer, trips, meals, etc.

Contact details

Anastasia Sliousaregko,, or Maria Marcela Fragozo,

To apply for this internship project, please attach your CV and motivation letter. Please also include the period you are available and the requested duration of the internship (between 4 and 6 months).

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