Utilization of Lignocellulosic Material

  • Available at 12/11/2019
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  • DMT-ET, Joure (NL)
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DMT Environmental Technology is a highly innovative engineering company operating on the cutting edge of green technology. We are continuously developing and bringing technologies for biogas upgrading, biogas desulphurization and waste water treatment to the market. DMT consists of a young dynamic team of approximately 90 employees, and is located in Joure (Northern part of the Netherlands). The biogas upgrading market is growing fast, and that’s why we are exploring current and new product market combinations.

One interesting field of expertise is the conversion of lignocellulosic materials (from e.g. agro-food residues) into high-value bio-based products. Such conversion processes are important to reduce dependency of petrochemical resources and fit within a circular economy. Lignocellulosic material, however, is difficult to process due to its recalcitrant nature. A pre-treatment step that is able to open up the structure of lignocellulose, therefore, is essential to fully utilize the lignocellulose and to create valuable products thereof.

DMT is offering an internship position for a student on the topic of utilization of lignocellulosic material. The student will give an overview of possible routes with technologies already on the market in order to convert lignocellulosic materials into valuable products. The student will evaluate which route will fit best to the strategy of DMT and which technology DMT should develop in order to achieve a good position on the bioplastic market.

For this internship you will work at the Product Development department; though  in order to reach your goals you’ll also have to collaborate with the other departments within the company like Sales, Marketing and Engineering.

To apply for this internship project, please email your cv and motivation letter. Also include the period you are available and the requested duration of the internship (between 4 and 6 months).

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