DMT Environmental Technology

At DMT we create sustainable solutions that contribute to create the clear and prosperous future

We operate internationally and have offices all over the world. We are a mission-driven and fast-growing company that is passionate about the technologies we supply. We are very passionate about the technologies we develop that enable our customers to make a change that contributes to a  cleaner future. We encourage ambition, creativity and development on an individual and team level.

Working for DMT is being part of the renewable energy revolution. We are always looking for high quality potential employees who can make a positive contribution to our success!


Development and growth are subjects that are leading in your career at DMT and working with us means working in a dynamic, creative and growing, international organization. Working for DMT means working on amazing projects with your colleagues on a global scale. It means you have to be flexible, take responsibility and be pro-active. We will continue develop sustainable technologies that add to our portfolio to stay ahead in the industry for renewable energies and therefore will continue to contribute to the development of the circular economy.


Because DMT is working with students from all over the worlds we are able to stay on top of our game. We stay up to date on the latest developments in marketing, communication, technological developments and Research and development. An internship at DMT means you have you own project and you manage that. That means you are responsible and you have to be proactive. Our experiences with interns are brilliant. We offer the students housing and a student fee. But most of all, we offer them to be part of a fast growing company who wants to be leading in innovation for clean solutions.

Big 5 for life

What DMT separates from the ‘rest’ is our Big 5 for life. We believe that the happier our employees are, the more successful the business is. The ultimate challenge is to synergize the employee’s individual motivation with the company’s objectives because this will result in an organization in which everyone is passionate, happy and efficient.

Big 5 is combining 5 life goals of an employee with 5 company goals and by aligning these goals the performance improves resulting in a dynamic, flexible company that’s ready for growth.

John P. Strelecky developed the Big Five for Life concept and describes the business principles in his book “The Big Five For Life – What great leaders do.” Strelecky’s vision has inspired us in our daily operations, just as it has done with business leaders worldwide. For further information on Big Five for Life.

Tong-Sja Lau – HR Advisor

Tong-Sja Lau – HR Advisor

At DMT Environmental Technology Tong-Sja is responsible for our talent. She’s a passionate ambassador of the Big 5 for life philosophy within DMT Environmental Technology. Please contact Tong-Sja with your questions about our organisation, internships or positions within our organisation.

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