Biogas upgrading and gas desulphurisation

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When it comes to biogas upgrading and H2S removal, there is no doubt that DMT should be your choice. For the key biogas contaminants in biogas and desulphurisation of (bio)gas streams, DMT Environmental Technology can offer one or a combination of technologies to economically manage them.

  • Highest performance level
  • Reliable technology from the most experienced solutions provider
  • Your specialist in every step of the way
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Stephen McCulloch – Business Director

Stephen McCulloch – Business Director

Being in the biogas industry for over a decade, Stephen McCulloch has an excellent track record and has proven himself in the in biogas upgrading industry. He has led pioneering work on ground-breaking gas to grid projects in the UK. His creativity makes him excel in technology identification which has led to the opening of new market segments and the enhancement of business cases.

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