Biogas upgrading in your industry

Technologies tailored to your industry

DMT has developed a vast amount of biogas treatment and resource recovery technologies for every industry. For the key biogas contaminants, we can offer one or a combination of technologies to economically manage them. A technology selection is made by analyzing the mixture of contaminants, the gas flow, the pollution load and the application. By not pushing one technology, DMT can provide the customer with the best solution for that specific project, either based on CAPEX, OPEX or TCO.

DMT offers a suite of cost-effective solutions developed to your market and achieved through our team of engineers and highly motivated employees to help you achieve your goals!

 Claudia Silvius – Cifuentes, Sales Engineer

Claudia Silvius – Cifuentes, Sales Engineer

Claudia has more than 17 years of sales engineering experience. Her master’s in chemical engineering backed with her international experience makes her a valuable asset to DMT. Claudia has a demonstrated history in finding technical solutions and making biogas projects a reality.

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