DMT Environmental Technology is your specialist and market leader in biogas upgrading using membrane technology.  With over 30 years of experience we’ve supplied our systems worldwide. Our innovative technologies for desulphurisation, waste water treatment and resource recovery are unequaled. With these technologies and products we help our customers to make a contribution to the environment in a profitable way. We are a global industry leader, as well as a trusted, reliable partner. With offices strategically located in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, we are positioned to help you anytime, anywhere.

We make technology to create a clear and prosperous future

Big Five For Live

Our employees are
our greatest capital

DMT operates on the successful ‘The Big Five for Life’ principle.

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Our Challenge

To create a clear and prosperous future

We contribute to a sustainable future without making concessions to prosperity. We develop smart technology that benefits our planet and its people. Our innovative designs, plants and service distinguish themselves in terms of quality and return on investments. Cooperating with our clients and the exchange of knowledge with our partners are key elements. Both are achieved thanks to our greatest capital: our team of enthusiastic people who continuously strive to improve themselves.

DMT Let's be clear
  • "I am looking forward to the fact that it will help provide many households with energy and heat."

    - HRH Prince Charles of England at the official opening of Poundbury

  • "It is quite easy to operate the DMT biogas upgrading system: it's plug and play and it runs by itself."

    - Jan Reistad, Jevnaker, Norway


    - Erwin Dirkse

  • "Good team effort from your guys at Leeming"

    - Declan McLaughlin (CNG)


    - Aurelie Chevalier, DMT France

Recent Projects

  • La Coruña / Spain

    2018, Carborex®MS 100
    Upgrading 100 Nm³/h, Gas to grid injection
    Biogas source: WWTP

  • Honolulu, Hawaii / USA

    2018, Carborex®MS 600
    Upgrading 600 Nm³/h, Gas to grid injection
    Biogas Source: WWTP

  • Sioux City, Iowa / USA

    2018, Carborex®MS 1400
    Upgrading 1400 Nm³/h, Gas to grid injection
    Biogas source: WWTP

  • Leeuwarden / the Netherlands

    2018, Carborex®MS 850
    Upgrading 850 Nm³/h
    Biogas source: Agricultural Waste

  • Ashland, Kentucky / USA

    2018, Carborex®MS 7000
    Upgrading 6800 Nm³/h
    Biogas source: Landfill

Safety & Service

For our projects, general safety and safeguarding processes are of paramount importance. During the design phase of a project, DMT carries out a risk assessment (HAZOP) and implements the results in the final design.
 Service is crucial and we provide it in accordance with our ISO 9001 certification. We are increasingly requested to provide integrated solutions, for example to combine biogas upgrading with waste water treatment.

Offering 24/7 support, our service concentrates on global technical support through secure internet connections for the installations we deliver. Our clients enter into tailor- made service contracts. In addition to service, a distinctive feature in the DMT quality chain is the co-operation with suppliers and partners. In the interest of our clients, we monitor the flawless and high-quality implementation of the projects agreed on and the service required.

DMT was founded in 1987 by Rob Dirkse

Trained as a chemist, Rob Dirkse worked in various technical fields. He was frequently confronted with matters such as odour abatement and other environmental problems. Due to new legislation at the end of the 80’s, a large environmental clean-up began. The demand for ground water purification enabled DMT to excel. The bright solutions soon gained a reputation in markets such as China, South-America and Europe. In 2001 founder Rob Dirkse retired and he was succeeded by his son Erwin Dirkse. Today DMT Environmental Technolgy employs around 50 employees, has 20 international sales managers, maintains extensive relationships with knowledge institutes, and provides 24/7 productions and services worldwide.

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