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We’re driven by biogas. Creating value from waste and using it as green gas, biomethane, is what motivates us. Technical solutions that benefit the environment and our customers is our mission: creating a sustainable world. A total solutions provider from beginning to end. DMT Environmental Technology can help you with your biogas upgrading to biomethane project and offers 24/7/365 service support.

  • World’s number 1 biogas upgrading technology
  • Over 35 years of experience
  • More than 183 operational sites world wide
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Biogas upgrading specialists

At DMT we are biogas upgrading specialists and have vast experience in all industries. Whether you are producing biogas in the agricultural sector or at a landfill, DMT understands how biogas upgrading to biomethane projects are managed. Our high-performance technology removes CO2 through membrane separation and biogas pre-treatment using chemical and biological gas desulfurization technology, H₂S removal. From start to finish DMT offers integrated solutions that can be tailored to the requirements of your specific project. Our membrane biogas upgrading technology is applicable in every sector.


“It’s quite easy to operate the DMT Biogas upgrading system, Carborex®MS; it’s plug and play and runs by itself!”

Jan Reistad Jevnaker, Norway

“The waste of our lettuce production, is processed to provide 1500 households with renewable energy”.

Willem Bas Warmenhuizen, the Netherlands

“We’ve got all our energy needs from Renewable Energy and produce. The methane slib was the key issue and the whole reason we choose DMT”

Jason Fewell Wyke Farms, United Kingdom

Creating value, every step of the way

DMT is a Total Solutions Provider and handles all interconnecting interfaces in your biogas upgrading to biomethane project. Your main point of contact will be one dedicated team of biogas upgrading specialists that will assist you throughout the process. Thereby reducing the number of contracts, risk and inconvenience of dealing with multiple parties managing several contracts.

Conferences & Exhibitions

Meet our biogas upgrading specialists at these events and learn about our biogas upgrading and desulphurisation technologies. Our sales and marketing team will be here to answer your questions!

  • May. 13-16 2024

    Biogas Americas

  • July 10 – 11, 2024

    World Biogas Summit / Expo

  • Oct. 1-2, 2024

    Salón del Gas Renovable

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Our Challenge

Established in 1987, DMT emerged with a mission to actively contribute to the extensive environmental cleanup efforts. As the need for groundwater purification surged, so did the growth of DMT. Throughout the years, DMT has pioneered a plethora of technologies dedicated to addressing various environmental challenges. Notably, in the last decade, biogas upgrading has evolved into DMT’s flagship technology. With a commitment to tailored solutions, DMT provides a range of technologies, ensuring a precise fit for your unique business requirements.

Today DMT has offices in Europe, Canada and the United States of America to achieve our challenge;
to create the clear and prosperous future.

Theo Zuijdwijk, CEO

Theo Zuijdwijk, CEO

Formerly sitting on DMT’s Advisory Board since 2018, Theo now leads DMT as our CEO. He’s an entrepreneurial, highly driven executive with decades of international experience in general management, finance, IT, M&A, strategic planning and organisational restructuring. Theo’s focus is to enhance our offering by broadening our integrated solutions as well as providing superior customer service and project execution.

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