Our Story

Erwin Dirkse: “We are focused on sustainable solutions that fit into a circular economy.”

100% sustainability is possible. I believe that we can maintain our lifestyle, without running out of raw materials and fuels, without creating water scarcity and without burdening the environment further. The technologies that we develop at DMT Environmental Technology contribute to creating a clear & prosperous future. Our ambition in to create that future in which we are a 100% sustainable with having to make consensus to prosperity.

‘Clear and Prosperous Future’

We contribute to a ‘Clear and Prosperous Future’. “I strongly believe it is our social obligation; to deliver technological solutions that are affordable and make a difference.” Revolutionary breakthroughs are only to be expected from private initiatives and entrepreneurs, in short: business development. We create the opportunity for our customers to gain a unique position by providing the most efficient technology that benefits their business model with the highest return on investment.

A revolution starts small but needs support. Our biggest asset in our organization in the team of DMT colleagues globally who are innovative, develop themselves and our technologies and also strongly believe that we can create the Clear & Prosperous future together!

“I’m very proud to work on these innovations and developments with the people at DMT!”

Erwin Dirkse, CEO DMT International