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Our sales and marketing team attends biogas industry events and conferences all over the world. Got a question? Come meet the team.

  • Sept 9, 2021

    UK Green Gas Day

  • Sept 21-22, 2021

    Green Gas Mobility Summit

  • Sept 21-23, 2021

    Salón del Gas Renovable

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Coen Meijers – Business Development Manager

Coen Meijers – Business Development Manager

With his extensive experience and his passion for a sustainable future and renewable energies such as biogas and biomethane, Coen has some very prestigious projects he can write to his name. Among them is the very first commercial biogas upgrading plant using high selective membranes to HRH, Prins Charles. This plant in Poundbury, Dorset is providing 56.000 homes with green gas, biomethane.

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