About DMT Environmental Technology

Our story

DMT – Our heritage

Originally DMT Environmental Technology was founded as Dirkse Milieu Technologie, after the founder Rob Dirkse. Dirkse Milieu Technologie means Dirske Environmental Technology and due to the many international activities of the company soon became DMT Environmental Technology.

Rob Dirkse retired in 2001 and was succeeded by his son Erwin Dirkse who had been managing director since 1999. “Our technologies for biogas upgrading and gas desulphurisation gained a reputation in the Chinees and South American market”, Erwin Says, “in 2014 95% of all our activities were international”.

DMT Environmental Technology is part of DMT International, a global organisation with over 100 employees agents and partners spread throughout Europe, North America and Asia. DMT International also holds DMT Clear Gas Solutions, in operation since 2015 and established by Robert Lems, former R&D manager at DMT Environmental Technology. DMT Clear Gas Solutions is the leading technology supplier for biogas to renewable natural gas and H2S removal technologies.

DMT’s award-winning portfolio proofs that DMT is an undeniable player in the field of biogas upgrading and gas desulphurisation.

Over 30 years experience you can rely on

DMT is a leading provider of technologies that have been benefiting the environment since 1987. At the forefront of new developments, DMT has been supporting customers, waste to energy, agricultural entrepreneurs, oil and gas utilities and WWTP utilizing their waste by-products by turning it into a high-value efficient green gas. We understand that pipeline injection and vehicle fuel specifications are different in every region or country and therefore require know-how and expertise.

“We are focused on sustainable solutions that fit into a circular economy without consensus to prosperity.” – Erwin Dirkse

“100% sustainability is possible. I believe that we can maintain our lifestyle without burdening the environment. The technologies that we develop at DMT contribute to creating a clear and prosperous future. I strongly believe it is our social and moral obligation to deliver technological solutions that are affordable and make a difference.

I’m very proud to work with the people at DMT. By creating efficient technologies, our customers solve environmental challenges with the highest return on investment. We create a unique business model that generates economic gain for farms, municipalities, and industrial companies as well as for the cities themselves in terms of energy security and job growth. With success like this in mind, it’s time to make RNG mainstream.” – Erwin Dirkse, managing director, DMT International

Your local, global technology supplier

At DMT we understand the importance of a local technology and service provider. We have therefore placed our offices strategically globally and selected our partners to best serve our customer’s needs. Supported with over 30 years of experience, we are the industry leaders when it comes to biogas upgrading.

We believe that there is always a solution to recover biogas from waste streams or by-products into a high efficient biomethane. DMT was the first to upgrade biogas on a commercial scale using high selective membrane technology in the UK and we have extended this experience globally. Today our systems are running in more than 20 countries and counting.

Upgrade to a high efficient renewable fuel future today