Why choose Sulfurex®CR

The Sulfurex®CR technology operates as a counter-current scrubber to ensure the intense contact between (bio)gas and caustic solution in order to reach maximum removal efficiency. During this process H2S gas is absorbed by the caustic solution and converted into NaHS. Continuously H2S-measurement controls the caustic input to ensure high efficiency and fast response to fluctuations in inlet gas. Selective desulfurization is enabled through measuring and control of the gas speed, chemical concentrations, pH values, temperature and pressure at which sulfur is removed from the gas. By controlling the physical and chemical processes in a smart way we are able to minimize caustic consumption.

Jan Kruit, Area Sales Manager

Jan Kruit, Area Sales Manager

Jan has been with DMT since 2009. At the forefront of the European biogas market, Jan’s focus is on key account and commercial partner development. He has a background in chemical engineering and product development.

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