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Creating a sustainable future, that’s our mission. Our biogas upgrading and desulfurization technologies contribute to a cleaner future and convert waste streams into value. Energy from biosources contribute to to the European Union’s renewable erny mix, bioenergy therefor will gain importance in the forseeable future. DMT Environmental Technology was the first commercial biogas upgrading system using membranes in Europe in 2012 and has since installed this technology in various industries globally.

We offer support throughout all steps of the process, DMT is a leading provider of technologies that have been benefiting the environment since 1987. At the forefront of new developments, DMT has been supporting customers, waste to energy, agricultural entrepreneurs, oil and gas utilities and WWTP utilizing their waste by-products by turning it into a high-value efficient green gas.

  • Proven biogas upgrading technology
  • More than 30 years experience
  • Over 50 operational sites world wide
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Upgrading biogas in Germany

With more than 30 years of experience, DMT is driven by biogas. Creating value from is waste and using it as green gas, renewable energy, is what motivates us. Over the past decade, the production of biogas has rapidly increased. And biogas upgrading using high selective membranes has become DMT’s most important technology. DMT has the right solution for every biogas upgrading project. A total solutions provider, offering guidance and assistance throughout the project, every step of the way.

In Germany, leading food and beverage companies are discovering the benefits of the production of biogas. The waste of these production facilities is the feedstock that is used to produce an emission-free source of energy. In many agricultural businesses, energy crops, manure and agricultural waste is used to produce biogas. One of the advantages of biogas in the agricultural sector is that it reduces CO2 emissions while farmers can use the biogas as an energy source.

The switch to biogas is relatively simple. DMT can assist you in your project from source to finish.

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Our challenge, is to create the clear u0026 prosperous future

Over the years DMT has developed numerous technologies to handle all kind of environmental issues. Over the past 10 year, biogas upgrading has become DMT’s most important technology. DMT can offer several technologies each to best suit your business case.


“It’s quite easy to operate the DMT Biogas upgrading system, Carborex®MS; it’s plug and play and runs by itself!”

Jan Reistad Jevnaker, Norway

“The waste of our lettuce production, is processed to provide 1500 households with renewable energy”.

Willem Bas Warmenhuizen, the Netherlands

“We’ve got all our energy needs from Renewable Energy and produce. The methane slib was the key issue and the whole reason we choose DMT”

Jason Fewell Wyke Farms, United Kingdom

Mark Jobse, Product manager DMT Environmental Technology

Mark Jobse, Product manager DMT Environmental Technology

Because of his technical background and his commercial experience, Mark will find the best technical solution to fit your business case. He’s energetic, confident, passionate about renewable energies and driven. A true biogas upgrading specialist!

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Our Challenge

DMT Was found in 1987 with the purpose to be part of the huge environmental clean-up.The demand for groundwater purification began to grow and so did DMT. Over the years DMT has developed numerous technologies to handle all kind of environmental issues.nnToday DMT has offices in Europe, Asia, Canada and the United States of America to achieve our challenge;nto create the clear and prosperous future.