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Using biogas does not only reduce harmful emissions but also gives the opportunity to make value of waste. With the digestion of manure, agricultural-, municipal-, green- or food waste, biogas is produced. Biogas usually consists of a combination of different gasses but primarily methane, carbon dioxide and small amounts of H2S. Biogas is a very valuable renewable energy source, especially when the methane is separated from the carbon dioxide. After upgrading the biogas, the methane can be used as a vehicle fuel or can be injected into the national gas grid.

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Upgrading biogas in Norway

Upgraded biogas can be used to inject into the (national) gas grid or as a vehicle fuel. Turning your waste into value by upgrading your biogas can provide a significant additional income. Biogas can be upgraded to pure methane and is therefore a very clean form of renewable energy. Implementing these sustainable technologies will contribute to a green and environmentally conscious image.

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  • Oct.11, 2023

    UK Green Gas Day

  • Oct. 3-4, 2023

    Salón del Gas Renovable

  • Nov. 7 -10, 2023


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Why choose for DTM Environmental Technology

Many technology providers offer turn key technologies to fit your upgrading project. DMT does that in Norway too, but we’re prepared to take that extra step to take it to the next level and make your project successful. Our high selective membrane upgrading technology was the first to be used commercially in the UK and the first in Europe in 2012. DMT is now the largest producer of biogas upgrading facilities in the world using high selective membrane technology. With prestigious projects that underline our experience and success. Biomethane is fossil-free and it empowers you to use the energy of the future.


“It’s quite easy to operate the DMT Biogas upgrading system, Carborex®MS; it’s plug and play and runs by itself!”

Jan Reistad Jevnaker, Norway

“The waste of our lettuce production, is processed to provide 1500 households with renewable energy”.

Willem Bas Warmenhuizen, the Netherlands

“We’ve got all our energy needs from Renewable Energy and produce. The methane slib was the key issue and the whole reason we choose DMT”

Jason Fewell Wyke Farms, United Kingdom

Mark Jobse, Product manager DMT Environmental Technology Norway

Mark Jobse, Product manager DMT Environmental Technology Norway

Because of his technical background and his commercial experience, Mark will find the best technical solution to fit your business case. He’s energetic, confident, passionate about renewable energies and driven. A true biogas upgrading specialist!

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About DMT

DMT Was found in 1987 with the purpose to be part of the huge environmental clean-up.The demand for groundwater purification began to grow and so did DMT. Over the years DMT has developed numerous technologies to handle all kind of environmental issues.

Today DMT has offices in Europe, Asia, Canada and the United States of America to achieve our challenge;
to create the clear and prosperous future.