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Biogas upgrading to biomethane

When it comes to biogas upgrading and recovering resources from biomass streams, there is no doubt that DMT should be your choice. For the key biogas contaminants in biogas and resource recovery, DMT can offer one or a combination of technologies to economically manage them.

  • Highest performance upgrading biogas
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • First commercial biogas upgrading plant in the UK
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Upgrading biogas in the UK

Are you driven by biogas? Creating value from is waste and using it as green gas, renewable energy, is what motivates us. DMT was the first commercial biogas upgrading system to go gas to grid using membrane technology in the UK and have been a reliable partner for biogas upgrading projects in the UK ever since. We’re driven by biogas. Creating value from waste and using it as green, or renewable energy is what motivates us. Technical solutions that benefit the environment and our customers is our mission: creating a clear and prosperous future.

More than 50 sites operational world wide

Over the past 8 years DMT has supplied our biogas upgrading technology to customers througout the United Kingdom and has installed 14 biogas upgrading plants. These systems collectively have injected over 700.000.000 Nm3 into the national gas grid.

DMT has been active in the biogas upgrading industry in the UK since 2012 and has installed more that 50 systems globally.

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Total Solutions Provider

Most of the DMT Environmental Technology biogas upgrading systems have been installed in the agricultural industry. Over the past recent years, we’ve seen the industry grow and expand into different industries. Additionally, market demands changed and DMT has continued to move with new and improved technology but also with an increased scope of supply by introducing ‘Total Solutions Provider’.

Our challenge, is to create the clear & prosperous future

Over the years DMT has developed numerous technologies to handle all kind of environmental issues. Over the past 10 year, biogas upgrading has become DMT’s most important technology. DMT can offer several technologies each to best suit your business case.

Green Gas Support Scheme

The biggest incentive in the United Kingdom to invest in renewable energy and biogas upgrading has been the RHI – Renewable Heat Incentive. Introduced in October 2011 and growing demand in renewable energy incentives, it was time to review and renew this incentive program. As of 2021 (fall), the RHI will be replaced by the Green Gas Support Scheme, an incentive that focusses on biogas upgrading. It supports biomethane produced from anaerobic digestion (AD) of biomass feedstocks injected into the gas grid. Our biogas specialist can help you with your questions concerning the Green Gas Support Scheme.

Biogas upgrading in your industry

We are the specialists in biogas upgrading to biomethane quality in all industries- livestock, agriculture, Wastewater treatment plants and waste industry. We have seen a change from landfill to source separating waste handling facilities that handle organic waste. A biogas upgrading plant can contribute to the profitability of your facility, no matter what industry you are in.


“It’s quite easy to operate the DMT Biogas upgrading system, Carborex®MS; it’s plug and play and runs by itself!”

Jan Reistad Jevnaker, Norway

“The waste of our lettuce production, is processed to provide 1500 households with renewable energy”.

Willem Bas Warmenhuizen, the Netherlands

“We’ve got all our energy needs from Renewable Energy and produce. The methane slib was the key issue and the whole reason we choose DMT”

Jason Fewell Wyke Farms, United Kingdom

 Stephen McCulloch – Business Director

Stephen McCulloch – Business Director

Being in the biogas industry for over a decade, Stephen McCulloch has an excellent track record and has proven himself in the in biogas upgrading industry. He has led pioneering work on ground-breaking gas to grid projects in the UK. His creativity makes him excel in technology identification which has led to the opening of new market segments and the enhancement of business cases.

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Our Challenge

We operate internationally and have offices all over the world. We are a mission-driven and fast-growing company that is passionate about the technologies we supply. We are very passionate about the technologies we develop that enable our customers to make a change that contributes to a cleaner future.