Biogas upgrading in your Industry

Waste produced on a large industrial scale such as waste from slaugtherhouses, cheese factories or brewerys is very attractive for anearobic digestion. Solid and liquid residues from food and beverage production often have a high biogas yield. The biogas can be upgraded to biomehtane and used on site or injected in the national as grid

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Biogas upgrading in your Industry

Biogas upgrading – Food & Beverage industry

By upgrading biogas extracted from biological industrial waste to a methane-rich gas product, also known as biomethane, DMT makes an important contribution creating a clear and prosperous future. Additionally DMT makes renewable energy accessible in every industry globally and is the largest most experienced supplier of proven biogas upgrading systems.

In light of the EU’s 2020 climate goals, there is a need for new sources of energy. Renewable energy from industrial by-products offers a solution. Waste product for conversion to biogas, don’t require a complex pre-treatment process anymore as technology has improved over the past decade. and its economic viability has improved significantly.

Companies in the food and beverage industry can significantly reduce their environmental impact and become more sustainable by converting their organic residues into biogas.

Biogas production at Wyke Farms

Industrial waste case study

At Wyke Farms in the United Kingdom, the waste of the cheese- and the milk-producing process is being digested and the biogas is upgraded to green gas. This gas is being used on site as vehicle fuel and injected into the national gas grid. DMT’s biogas upgrading technology, Carborex®MS, provides biomethane to 6.000 households annualy.

Product: Carborex®MS
Location: Champflower, United Kingdom
Feedstock: Dairy Waste
Biogas inlet: 1000 Nm3/h
Application: Pipeline injection

Stephen McCulloch – Business Director

Stephen McCulloch – Business Director

Being in the biogas industry for over a decade, Stephen McCulloch has an excellent track record and has proven himself in the in biogas upgrading industry. He has led pioneering work on ground-breaking gas to grid projects in the UK. His creativity makes him excel in technology identification which has led to the opening of new market segments and the enhancement of business cases.

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