Landfill & biogas upgrading

Landfill gas as an energy source

DMT’s Carborex® & Sulfurex® for upgrading landfill gas

Landfill is the oldest form of waste disposal. Waste was simply disposed in piles or thrown in pits and it was only in the 1940’s that we began covering the landfills. But still landfills make up for a large portion of the human-related methane emission. Typically on a landfill you will find the same bacteria present in an anaerobic digester making landfills a source of methane emissions.

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DMT's Carborex® & Sulfurex® for upgrading landfill gas

Landfill gas (LFG) is produced by the decomposition of organic material in landfills and is considered a by-product. The main component in LFG is methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) but it also contains other different gasses. About 2 to 10 percent of LFG (landfill gas) consists of nitrogen, oxygen, ammonia, sulfides, hydrogen, VOC’s and siloxanes.

Landfill gas quality

The quality of landfill gas for biogas upgrading varies. Contributing factors include oxygen content, the amount of moisture, temperature, the type of waste present in the landfill and the age of the landfill. Landfill methane can be tapped, captured, and used as a fairly clean renewable energy source for generating electricity or heat. Further treated, the landfill gas can be upgraded to a high quality and high efficient energy source.

Upgrading to Green Gas – Biomethane

Producing biomethane, or sometimes referred to as green gas, from gas from landfills, reduces odour as well as health and safety hazards associated with the emissions. Additionally, biogas upgrading from LFG reduces greenhouse gas emissions, generates revenue and creates local jobs.

Francois Huberts, Global Sales & Marketing Director

Francois Huberts, Global Sales & Marketing Director

As a solutions-oriented leader, Francois has an impressive sales track record and over 20 years of biogas experience. With a background in research & development, project management and mechanical engineering, he specializes in bringing biogas upgrading and carbon dioxide technology to the global market.

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