Wasatch Resource Recovery

Renewable Natural gas by using CarborexMS biogas upgrading system

Renewable Natural Gas

In Salt Lake, Utah, DMT was in the news because the project they are working on is the biggest of its kind that converts local household and industrial waste into local natural gas. The Renewable Natural Gas is fed into the national gas pipeline and supplies renewable energy to approximately 40,000 people.

Wasatch waste

The plant in Salt Lake City in Utah’s first and only anaerobic digester producing biogas that is upgraded to Renewable Natural Gas. The facility will process source separated organic waste that was hauled or collected and transported to the Wasatch waste facility.

What makes this case exceptional, is that this facility not only can process like vegetable snaps, but it is the first that can do it on a much larger scale. After all contaminations are removed, the remaining organics are processed in the anaerobic digester. 700 tons of waste are processed daily and produces biogas that’s being upgraded with the help of DMT’s Carborex®MS biogas upgrading system. This leads to a CO2 emission reduction equal to taking over 75.000 cars of the road.

 Claudia Silvius – Cifuentes

Claudia Silvius – Cifuentes

When it comes to biogas upgrading and/or desulfurization, Claudia is our go-to person. Claudia enjoys working in between the field of sales and engineering. Her master’s in chemical engineering backed with her broad (international) experience, make her creative in finding the perfect technical solution for your project. “Environmental technology has always interested me, and I am thrilled to be working for such an inspiring company as DMT.

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